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Are you committed to meaningful ESG change for your business?

ESG issues are high impact ones. The AUGUST Civil Engineering magazine will address critical research and new thinking on the ramifications for civil engineering

What is your business doing in this regard? How can you help?

Looking at

  • how our green hydrogen economy will depend on a highly specialised workforce

  • the imminent NEMLA Act - the long-awaited shift to South Africa's environmental legislative landscape

  • the era of smart, sustainable, and slick buildings

  • construction of the world’s tallest building with hempcrete

  • understanding the use of public-private partnerships (PPPs) for infrastructure projects in Africa

And more, the August magazine, then becomes the ideal platform for your marketing messages to the influential SAICE membership of 15 000 thought leaders and specifiers on industrial, commercial, and residential projects.

Position, highlight and showcase your company profile in this focused feature covering all the sustainable, ethical and responsible trends that the industry is talking about now. These issues make a difference to bottom lines and market share growth. Promote your prospects and pitch your prospectus in a noticeable way.


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