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Advertising to the right audience and alongside appropriate topics is key!

How do some companies increase revenue, attract new customers, and retain existing customers year after year? By advertising to the right quality audience, and by providing their solutions to issues discussed in the editorial, they remain top-of-mind, and build

brand awareness and loyalty using strong, significant and repeat advertising.

If your business has something to offer in the fields of power, which is the content theme of our May edition, motors and drives (the feature of our June issue), or any of our sub-themes detailed below, you can very effectively make this work to your advantage by presenting your message here.

7 000 members ±14 000 subscribers

wattnow magazine attracts the attention of South Africa’s boardrooms and engineering offices. It offers high-value content written by some of the country’s foremost role players, subject matter experts, and a mix of excellent writers from the global electrical engineering community .

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