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A unique magazine for seniors in South Africa!

Plus 50 is not only a platform but an influencer for a richer, enhanced, more momentous life, exploring the topics of health, travel and leisure, retirement planning, inspiring personalities, sport and activities, anti-ageing strategies, money matters, and more in a way that is enjoyable for all.

This quarterly glossy, indulgence lifestyle magazine is distributed nationwide. It aims to enhance, excite and inform. It speaks with creativity and significance to a demographic that is currently at the height of their careers and planning for retirement through to a group that is already retired, redefining post-career lifestyles. No doubt a unique magazine for seniors in South Africa!

You can address this audience effectively here and reap the very real benefits from their notice, attention, awareness and response to your message. It's so easy, just click the button below and we will reserve your placement today!