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At the Annual General Meeting of the SAIMM in August, Mzila Mthenjane will be inaugurated as the 2019 President. His Presidential Address is titled, “Post-mining use of rehabilitated land – an opportunity for the South African mining industry for sustainable development”.

There is no question that this is a vital topic for our industry and our country today and his full address will be covered in the September SAIMM Journal.

This September edition is regarded as a souvenir edition each year, and will, as always, warrant and attract extra attention from affiliates to the Institute and other key professional associations related to the minerals industry. The SAIMM remains in good shape. Membership continues to grow (5 000) and our September issue is always the one most supported by our advertisers every year - have a look at the 2018 edition:

This Presidential September edition provides the perfect platform for driving business enquiries for the rest of the year. Consider getting one enquiry for your business from advertising here - how much would that be worth to you? Consider the opportunity cost of NOT capitalizing on this special, flagship, attention-getting edition.

Deadline is 1st September.

If you would like to enquire about advertising in the SAIMM Journal, please contact Barbara Spence at