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100 and Beyond - a very special edition of Longevity!

As an ad agency responsible for getting your clients the right quantity and quality of reach, you will know that there are very good business reasons for using Longevity magazine, an authoritative platform for relevant accounts.

  • Longevity is a much-loved brand with a 32-year history of authoritative and thought-provoking data on the art and science of healthy life expectancy.

  • The Longevity audience is an ENGAGED, premium reach averaging 125,000 high-end monthly digitally and in excess of 50,000 with our print readership (as tracked over decades of independently measured AMPS data sets).

  • Distribution is global ( and via high end retailers locally (Woolworths, Exclusive Books).

  • The evergreen content read is delivered on the highest quality paper which further entrenches the “longevity” of the publication (and of your message!). There is no question that readers hold onto their copies, some for several years.

  • Our rates are cost-effective, budget-friendly and provide a cost-per-reach that drives your ROI at a higher gearing.

The theme for our next issue is “How to live beyond 100”. It could not be more timeous or more topical. The statistics around centenarians across the world and in South Africa are mind-blowing. SA stats show a 188% exponential increase from 2010 to 2021. This is crucially important on so many fronts and these will all be addressed in our key editorial features with cutting-edge data and news we can all use!

Advertisers have here a unique and credible editorial environment to promote relevant messaging to a highly desirable audience.

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