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 Marketing Strategies 

Marketing execs and those tasked with advertising and corporate messaging are constantly bombarded with approaches from various and varied platforms for your marketing and advertising budgets.  How do you evaluate these opportunities?  How do they compare with your existing media schedule? 


We have some suggestions for new, innovative and engaging avenues to grow your notice, awareness, attention, recall and response. 

It's difficult to stay ahead of the stragic placements of your marketing budget for maximum exposure, especially if the call on your time and expertise is in other directions. That's why we stay ahead of the game for you.

Succeeding often requires a combination of our resources

  √   High quality, sophisticated print experiences

  √   Digital routes

  √   Networking high-end events and the opportunities associated here

  √   Social media

Let’s look at the numbers and suggest proposals for your marketing objectives.

What Our Clients Say

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Simone Van Rooyen

Botanical Society of South Africa

"We have had the pleasure of the services of Barbara Spence and her team at Avenue Advertising for over 11 years. We have found them to be professional and willing share insight, due to their experience in working with similar organisations, on taking our organization forward in these trying times while maintain our unique offering to our members through advertising services in our member journal, the Veld & Flora."

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