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 The Team 

The Avenue Company, originally Barbara Spence Advertising, was founded in 1989 and began with just one publication. Today it handles a number of titles, including the Pica Award-winning Civil Engineering magazine. In 1996, it became The Avenue Company, branching into three divisions - Avenue Advertising, specialising in media advertising sales; Avenue Marketing, offering marketing consulting services; and Avenue Exhibitions, focusing on exhibition stand sales.

Barbara Spence, founder and MD, states that The Avenue Company prides itself on professionalism and sees itself as a specialised media support structure, particularly for institutions; associations; and organisations whose publications are key strategic resources, but where publishing is not the core focus.

Through skilled and proficient work with its clients, The Avenue Company is able to work on different publications where creative advertising needs are called upon, such as in fields where academic; peer-reviewed; accredited; and cited publications require different advertising approaches than those of consumer titles. The company believes that it operates best in an environment where its relationships with its clients mean it is seen more as a valued stakeholder than just a contract service provider.

What Our Clients Say

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Vishaal Lutchman

Chief Executive Officer, SAICE

"This is a testament to the incredible capability of Barbara Spence and her team. Her unwavering support for SAICE since 2003  for advertising funding in support of our events has made SAICE successful in all of the SAICE Presidential Inaugurations, National Awards, Monthly magazine and other strategic initiatives where we have leaned on her for support. Her ever-willing and supportive demeanour are sincerely appreciated by the SAICE team whilst she may give you the impression that you are her only client. Feeling special is rewarding when you know Barbara plays the long game and her strategic outlook in the way she builds and maintains relationships is second to none. Any client will be fortunate to have her as a partner whilst those that don’t, may not know what they are missing out on."

  In loving memory of Ryan Spence  
15 Feb 1986 - 2 Jan 2017

Your life was a blessing, 
Your memory is a treasure...
You are beyond words, 
And missed beyond measure

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