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For those companies and organisations who have messages to send, and who want to get into the right media and in front of the best audiences, BizNews’ sponsored content options do the trick.   Their astute advertisers and supporters certainly know a thing or two and are scoring from their association here.


Sponsored content works for distinct marketing goals and should be part of your strategy. Pam Didner, adjunct marketing professor at West Virginia University and author of Global Content Marketing says “From a viewer’s perspective, it’s just another form of content.   They don’t differentiate content by paid or non-paid.   They simply care if the content is useful or helpful to them.”


Have a look at this article on the value of branded content:


We restrict the Sponsored Content placements and only approve pieces for publication which we believe will be of interest to the BizNews community.   There are options of

  1.       a text-only Sponsored Content insertion;

  2.       an interview which is transcribed and published on BizNews;

  3.       and our newest offering, a sponsored webinar. As part of the package, you have ownership of the content and are able to use it on your own platforms or elsewhere. 


When the publisher is perceived by your audience as a thought leader in your space, it makes sense to take full advantage.  Alec Hogg’s BizNews fits the brief perfectly  -  a smart publisher with refined editorial guidelines and a model that works.  

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