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 Advertising Sales 

We don't just find your advertisers for you, we function as your extended ad agency.


The Avenue Company prides itself on providing an integrated service where we are able to advise on a multi-channel approach.   Advertisers need path-to-purchase decisions that capitalise on the combined, but unique strengths of print, digital, online, social, and event opportunities.   This ensures that marketing messages are consistent and leveraged to customers wherever they access their information.

Our marketing channels provide business-critical information to the target audiences  -  exclusive content which provides advertisers with valuable prospects for reaching niche, well targeted markets of senior and engaged potential customers.   The Avenue Company is audience-obsessed, recognizing the strengths and benefits of the platforms in our portfolio and the ability to operate strategically as a result.   The Avenue Company always wants to work with the challenges our advertisers are facing and to create customised marketing plans that are inspired and deliver value.  


Succeeding often requires a combination of our resources

  √   High quality, sophisticated print experiences

  √   Digital routes

  √   Networking high-end events and the opportunities associated here

  √   Social media

What Our Clients Say

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Minx Avrabos, Managing Editor

wattnow magazine, SAIEE

"Working with Avenue Advertising since 2011 has been a wonderful experience. Not only are the staff always courteous towards any demands, but the professionalism and target orientation they tackle each month with vigour is refreshing and gives me hope for the future of publishing. I will highly recommend Avenue Advertising for all your marketing and agency support."

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